Welcome to the Alchemy Enterprises Consulting Group

Who We Are

We are a minority and woman-owned small business enterprise comprised of professionals who hold doctorates or advanced degrees in the behavioral sciences of Psychology, Social Work, Education, English and Literature, and Law. In addition, we are experts in facilitation, group dynamics, organizational development, conflict resolution, multiculturalism, diversity and curriculum development. We are specialized in consulting and providing our services to institutions of higher education. We believe in social responsibility and participate in non-profit partnerships throughout Prince William County as well as the Washington DC metro area by providing pro bono services to select community and nonprofit agencies, sharing work and a percentage of our profits with nonprofit agencies.


What We Do

We are serious here at Alchemy Enterprises. Transforming Education through Innovation is not simply a tagline, it’s also our mission. We live in a world of exponential change- all of our old systems are breaking down almost faster than we can replace them, but replace them we must. Alchemy Enterprise is an organization that delights in being on the leading edge of that change.



Transforming Education Through Innovation, by partnering with our clients to provide specialized and high quality legal compliance systems and performance management systems to our clients, in a way that is consistent with our values.







Abundance; and finally;

Respect for the Individual, the Institution, The World


Why We Do It

We do this work, because we are deeply passionate about changing the world for the better; and we believe that the work we are doing does just that. In addition, we help our clients to live up to their legal responsibilities which are vast and complex in the world of higher education. This is a process that has to be engaged upon a variety of levels within the institution, in a number of different ways. We at Alchemy  recognize that often times progress and change will not be easy –  but for the client that is committed to the partnership, it will be very rewarding. This we promise!


Our Resources

What separates Alchemy Enterprises from the rest of the educational consultants out there? Passion and drive for excellence,  and–oh yes—we are extremely knowledgeable about our areas of expertise, which makes all difference. All of the above allow us to provide tremendous value to our clients. Please check out some of the informational resources on our site, and when the time is right, give us a call . We love to have engaging conversations with students, faculty and administrators about how we can be of assistance to you.