National Campus Prevention and Policy: Title IX+ in Action

This was a really incredible article on the affects of the prevention strategies being implemented at colleges and universities nationwide. A must read for Title IX coordinators and administrators.


By Jill Dunlap


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The news about sexual violence on campus can seem dire and often overwhelming to parents, current and potential students, and campus administrators. It seems that every day a new study is released about campus sexual violence, its prevalence, and the culture that perpetuates it.[1] While it might seem easier to hide under the covers and never read the news again, it is important to recognize the good that has come from the increased attention to campus sexual violence. In fact, April is the best time to look around and appreciate all of the new and innovative sexual violence prevention and awareness programming taking place on college campuses. A mere five years ago, campus sexual violence prevention was likely the responsibility of a part-time prevention educator or student groups on campus who put on well-intentioned and perhaps sporadic prevention programs for students. With the…

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      Quite welcome! We have to get this information out there!


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