About Alchemy

Who We Are

We are a minority and woman-owned small business enterprise comprised of professionals who hold doctorates or advanced degrees in the behavioral sciences of Psychology, Social Work, Education, English and Literature, and Law. In addition, we are experts in facilitation, group dynamics, organizational development, conflict resolution, multiculturalism, diversity and curriculum development. We are specialized in consulting and providing our services to institutions of higher education. We believe in social responsibility and participate in non-profit partnerships throughout Prince William County as well as the Washington DC metro area by providing pro bono services to select community and nonprofit agencies, sharing work and a percentage of our profits with nonprofit agencies.


What We Do

We are serious here at Alchemy Enterprises. Transforming Education through Innovation is not simply a tagline, it’s also our mission. We live in a world of exponential change- all of our old systems are breaking down almost faster than we can replace them, but replace them we must. Alchemy Enterprise is an organization that delights in being on the leading edge of that change.

In our areas of legal compliance, we work incredibly hard to ensure that our clients are not only in compliance with the letter of the law, but the spirit of the law as well. With regard to compliance our core value of integrity is critical.  Our clients must understand, however, that such a high quality product (compliance systems with integrity) can only occur with a partnership between AE and our client’s major stakeholders. Luckily, at AE we have executive coaches who can assist in this endeavor.

With regard to the training and workshops that we offer in the required areas of Title IX compliance, we at Alchemy Enterprises are refining new thought paradigms and boldly pushing them forward in new and unexpected ways.  Our training systems are creative, innovative, and interactive and fun! It’s not the same old, dry, boring listen, lecture format that participants completely forget, one month after their training session is over. We offer training experiences that partner with participants in, creatively engaging them in the transformation process.

In short, we offer quality; we will not settle for less than impeccable.


Transforming Education Through Innovation, by partnering with our clients to provide specialized and high quality legal compliance systems and performance management systems to our clients, in a way that is consistent with our values.







Abundance; and finally;

Respect for the Individual, the Institution, The World


Why We Do It

We do this work, because we are deeply passionate about changing the world for the better; and we believe that the work we are doing does just that. In addition, we help our clients to live up to their legal responsibilities which are vast and complex in the world of higher education. This is a process that has to be engaged upon a variety of levels within the institution, in a number of different ways. We at Alchemy  recognize that often times progress and change will not be easy –  but for the client that is committed to the partnership, it will be very rewarding. This we promise!

At Alchemy Enterprises, we do not have one logo, we have three: the Labyrinth, the Kiss and the Starburst. These three logos represent the different stages our clients will experience as they journey through product implementation.

If you’ve ever walked a labyrinth, you’ll know how utterly infuriating it can be for the goal oriented. You begin walking the labyrinth with the goal of reaching the center in mind. The catch is the longer you walk the labyrinth, the further way the center seems. Sometimes, you are incredibly close to the center, and yet in the next few steps, it seems as if you will never reach it.

Just when you reach a point when all seems lost, the path as clear and you are nearly there! Implementing vastly progressive policies, (like Diversity Policies and Title IX Sexual Assault/Misconduct and Domestic/Intimate violence policies) will feel like walking a labyrinth. There are all kinds of obstacles in the way of correct implementation and correct implementation will require significant investments of time and money. There is just no getting around that.

But incorrect implementation can be quite costly leading to costly lawsuits, embarrassing press coverage and/or complaints filed and investigated with the Department of Education. Do it right, the first time. Don’t be afraid to walk the labyrinth. But to make sure you don’t get lost, you need a competent partner – and that is what Alchemy Enterprises is.

The Kiss is our simplest Logo. K.I.S.S. stands for Keep it Simple Silly. Title IX of the Education Act of 1972, is a vast piece of legislation affecting all  students- that has far reaching implications for higher education in the areas of athletics, science, technology, engineering and mathematics and sexual well-being. And if all of that weren’t enough to contend with, there is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) as well as The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act or Clery Act (1990), as well as the  Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act (2013).

When it comes to faculty and staff, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, is an extraordinarily complex piece of legislation that which represents the bulk of all of the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws ; and covers almost all employees at most American colleges and universities. In addition to Title VII there are extraordinarily complicated areas of intersection that occur under the The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA), The Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 and The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993.

It’s a lot of vastly complicated legislation that affects almost everyone at institutions of higher learning in some way shape or form. How to you get a grasp on it? By partnering with a specialist who can scale down these vast pieces of legislation to the simple, practical real world application that our clients need. At Alchemy Enterprises that’s what we do.

And when we do what we do, very well, our clients will experience their starburst moment! The starburst represents that final, polished finished product, when after all of the labyrinth walking and hours of distilling the overwhelmingly complex down to the basics, our clients get it. They get it! And there is that excitement over the achievement of what once seemed impossible.

Transforming Education Through Innovation…one institution at time; and in so doing, transforming the world, for the better.

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