The Team


Amber Maiden, Chief Executive Officer



Mildred Anderson, Executive Consultant

Evan Birch, Graphic Designer

Penny Crawford, Executive Consultant

Brian Maiden, Executive Consultant

Langston Maiden, IT Specialist

Jalen Maiden, Social Media Specialist

Sislena Ledbetter, Executive Consultant

Nichii Namaha, Executive Consultant and Owner Namaha and Associates

Brenda Small, Executive Consultant and Owner Brenda Smalls Speaks

Jackie Tuttle, Executive Consultant



Judith deVastey, Small and Women and Minority Business Advocate

Bill Christ, Head Master Hathaway Brown School

Karen Gaskins- Jones, Owner JLH and Associates

David Granger,  Retired Mental Health Consultant, State of Ohio

Rose Myers, Retired Vice President of Student Affairs Foothill Community College

Denise McPhail, Executive Director, Creative and Performing Arts Center (CAPAC)

Tina Trenet, Director U.S. Department of Labor