Dr. Sislena Ledbetter – Associate


Executive Leadership Certificate – 2008 Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Ph.D. Social Psychology – 2001, Howard University, Washington, DC

M.A. Social Psychology – 1994, Howard University, Washington, DC

BA Psychology – 1991 North Carolina Central University, Durham, North Carolina


University of the District of Columbia, Washington, DC 2014 – Present

Associate Vice President of Student Development

Provide leadership and administrative oversight to the Division of Student Affairs for Counseling Services, Disability Resource Center, University Health Services, Veteran Services, New Student Orientation, Student Life and Services.

 Create opportunities for student engagement with an emphasis on co-curricular activities, innovative partnerships, and bridging academic and student affairs.

 Provide leadership in development efforts including writing and attracting millions in grant-funding.

 Lead member of University Threat Assessment Team.

Director of Counseling and Student Development 5/2010 – 102014

Directed clinical trainee, and internship programs. Expanded services to foster and enrich psychosocial development, co-curricular offerings, and outreach improving student success outcomes.

 Provided administration and leadership for all clinical services including generating funding to provide more robust Center offerings building of HIV AIDS, Depression, and Suicide outreach, and expansion of technology infrastructure and the psychological and psychiatric internship program.

 Lead Disability Resource Center through a successful industry (AHEAD) audit which lead to a retooling of processes and staff that improved access to comprehensive accommodations and support services to students with disabilities

National Education -Member Benefits Corp. (NEAMB), Gaithersburg, MD.

Senior Marketing Research Analyst 10/2008 – 5/2010

Lead marketing research, strategy, and branding efforts which drove insights into member needs. 2

 Spearheaded membership communications strategy by creating Member Advisory Panel designed to represent the voice of the member. The platform supported overall marketing agenda.

 Lead design of complex multi-method research projects to create financial products and offerings through management of supplier contracts and proposals.

FD Business and Financial Communications, Washington, DC. 6/2008-8/2008

Research Consultant

 Recruited and conducted in-depth interviews of high ranking U.S. health policy opinion leaders for private client for strategizing on health-care policy relevant to the 2008 presidential election

 Conducted survey design consultation and transcription

People Resources, St. Louis, MO. 6/2008-5/2010

Education Leadership Trainer

 Conducted leadership and communications skills building workshops to staff, faculty, and students at proprietary colleges. Specialized in managing conflict in intergenerational communications gaps.

 Utilized insightful and creative tools that inspired more effective stress management, conflict resolution, relationship/classroom management, diversity and inclusion and other topics.

Howard University, Washington, DC. 4/2008-9/2008

Center for the Advancement of Engineering Education.

Senior Research Associate

 Served as research liaison in a twelve million dollar NSF grant that examined diversity in engineering education. Consortium included Washington State University, Stanford University, Howard University, Colorado School of Mines, and Purdue University.

 Managed and revised research protocol. Restored data integrity and reestablished office productivity.

 Instituted time and cost saving efficiencies necessary for project completion.

 Published and presented findings at American Society of Engineering Education, national conference, http://www.engr.washington.edu/caee/publications.html#Publications.

SGL Enterprises, LLC, Laurel, MD. 6/2000 – 6/2009


 Generated and managed multimillion dollar real estate portfolio within two years. Negotiated, acquired, and sold real estate.

Ledbetter Coaching , Laurel, MD. 8/2006 – present

Executive Coach/Research Consultant

 Conduct one-on-one and group sessions for re-careering adults, executives in transition and people desiring a life change.

AARP, Washington, DC. 8/2001- 8/2006

Senior Policy Research Advisor

Conducted research and analysis on multi-million dollar portfolio on economic security and work of the people age 50 and older.

 Managed large, national-level qualitative and quantitative research portfolio.

 Lead strategic issues team which included information piracy, identity theft, Medicare, subprime mortgage market, public benefits, financial literacy, grief and loss, consumer fraud and protection, and diversity.

 Authored and presented high-impact reports which translated information into bold, compelling insights drawing conclusions that provided recommendations for product development, communications, or strategic action.

Research Analyst 9/1997-8/2001

Ensured the quality and analytical depth of the product content through both primary and secondary research. Synthesized and presented research findings in both written and oral formats to broad audiences.

Conducted and analyzed overall market trends and provide written and oral briefings to internal and external clients.

Synthesized research findings and presented in online written and oral formats.

American Psychological Association, Research Office, Washington, DC. 8/1991-8/1997

Research Associate

 Managed survey research projects, including: questionnaires, data analysis, report writing, and client management.

 Maintained issue expertise on degree attainment with internal and external clients.

 Presented at various industry conferences.

 Established Association-wide career day for community colleges offering BA degrees in psychology

Howard University Hospital Department of Psychiatry, Washington, DC. 4/1997 – 8/1997

Research Assistantship

 Supported grant writing support and fiscal procurement of multimillion dollar grant that explored the co-occurring effects of depression and substance abuse in pregnant women in an urban community.

World Council of Churches (WCC), Geneva, Switzerland 7/1994


 Provided administrative support by assisting assisted director in the Office of Human Rights of the Program to Combat Racism.

Patricia Roberts Harris Fellowship 6/1994-8/1994

United States White House, Clinton Administration Washington, DC.

 Reviewed new and pending regulations for the Department of Agriculture, Office of Management and Budget.


2005– Why the CIA Want’s MBA’s. The New York Times. July 23, 2005.

2005– Multicultural Study: Perspectives Past, Present, and Future: Traditional and Alternative Financial Practices of the 45+ Community. AARP, Research Report.

2004-Consumer Experience Survey: Insights on Consumer Credit Behavior, Fraud and Financial Planning. AARP, Research Report.

2003-Off the Hook: Reducing Participation in Telemarketing Fraud. AARP, Research Report .

2001– Ledbetter, S. Predictors of Life Satisfaction and Well Being at Midlife. Howard University, Dissertation.

1995- APA Survey of 1992 Psychology Baccalaureate Recipients. APA, Research Report.

1996- American Psychological Association Committee on Ethnic Minority Recruitment and Retention, Work Group on Education and Training in Psychology. APA, Research Report.

1994- Ledbetter, S. Rape myths, sex role stereotypes and adversarial sexual beliefs. Howard University, Master’s Thesis.


2008 – American Society for Engineering Education Conference. Engineering Student Define Diversity: An uncommon thread. Describes the multivariate ways students defined their educational experiences in engineering,” June 23-25, Pittsburgh, PA.

2007- American Society of Engineering Education. Frontiers in Education Conference, “Special Academic Pathways Study: Special Interactive Session on Findings and Implications for Engineering Education and ,” October 10 – 13, Milwaukee, WI. 37th.

1996-Council for Teachers of Undergraduate Psychology. Western Psychological Association, “So You Have Your Degree in Psychology: What do the data say.” April 11–14, San Jose, CA. 5


2013 –present, Appointee, Mayor’s Youth Bullying Task Force, Washington, DC.

2008 Guest Lecturer, Gibbs College, Interpersonal Communications, creating and maintaining healthy and successful relationships.

2008 Group Counselor/Leader, Bond Mill Elementary School, Group counseling and student advising for youth boys in 5th and 6th grade.

2007 Trainer, Business and Professional Women, provided training on developing and evaluating a mentoring program for adolescent girls. St. Maarten, N.A.

2006 Trainer, National Institutes of Health-Milestones Executives, Conducted diversity and interpersonal communications training on adjusting to multiculturalism in the workforce.

2006 Business Coach, DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Business consulting, team building, executive coaching, and strategic planning. Washington, DC.

2005 Present Life/Executive Coach, Ledbetter Coaching -Founder – Provide organizational, leadership, coaching toward personal fulfillment and mastery. Lead coaching groups on relationships, self esteem building, and self awareness, Takoma Park, MD.

1996-1997 Leadership Fellowship, AARP and American Society on Aging joint leadership

fellowship. Focused on research and training on diversity in aging through conference trainings and reports. Provided research mentorship to new professional in aging.

1994 Panel Presenter, Xerox University, Patricia Roberts Harris Fellowship Program, Discuss the success of being a White House Fellow with an international exchange opportunity.

1992 Researcher/evaluator, Washington DC Mayors Youth Initiative, Conducted assessment and evaluations of inner city initiatives to keep students off the streets


Trinity University, Washington, DC. 12/1998- 5/1999

Department of Psychology

Adjunct Professor

Spring Semester

Psychology of Aging. 6

Howard University, Washington, DC.

Department of Psychology 1991-1994

Student Teaching Assistant

Advanced General Social Psychology

General Psychology


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Campaign 9:30 Expanded

Grant Writer/Principal (2016-2019)

$900,000. Expanded internship and outreach opportunities to address HIV/AIDS and substance abuse and Hepatitis C. This student-lead effort focused on community advocacy, education, and outreach.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Garrett Lee Smith Suicide Prevention Grant. (2013-2016).


Students Overcoming All Risks (SOAR): Developed a highly sought after student peer education program focused on suicide prevention, education, and awareness raising.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Campaign 9:30

Grant Writer/Principal (2013-2016)

$893,000. Expanded internship and outreach opportunities to address HIV/AIDS and substance abuse. This student-lead effort focused on community advocacy, education, and outreach

Department of Education. Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education. Consortium of three school; HBCU Disability Consortium. University of the District of Columbia, Syracuse and Howard Universities.

Co-Principal Investigator/Co-Lead Researcher, Editor

$600,000 (2010-2016). Conducted research in HBCU’s; Developed research protocol; listerve; advisory board; and conducted focus groups to address disparities and resilience in students that attend HBCU’s and are registered with disability services (Conducted in depth interviews with disability service providers and focus groups at 9 HBCU’s).

DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence Consortium Grant. Department of Justice. Implementing training to support campus sexual assault initiatives

Co-grantee/Consortium of schools

$7,500 (2015-2016). Worked with a consortium of schools on issues of campus sexual assault and campus violence. Offered sensitivity training to mental health professional, police force, staff, and students. Conducted student led campus-wide outreach programs. Organized Community Response Team.

Project Director, Serving our Service Members. District of Columbia Department of Behavioral Health. Department of Behavioral Health.

Grant writer/Principal (2014-2016) 7

$40,000. Developed program resources on campus to reinforce the University veteran program to address the needs of the expanding veteran population. Provided support much needed much needed programming and resources to veteran students who were homeless, underemployed, and in need of housing support.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Campaign 9:30.

Grant Writer/Principal (2012)

$85,000. Expanded university student peer education-led program to address HIV/AIDS substance abuse and hepatitis C. This student-lead effort focused on community advocacy, education, and outreach.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Stay Educated Sober Tested and Alive.

Grant Writer/Principal (2011)

$85,000. Lead team to create first university student peer education-led program to address HIV/AIDS substance abuse and hepatitis C. This student-lead effort focused on community advocacy, education, and outreach.

Morehouse School of Medicine- HBCU Center for Excellence. An Internship Experience.

Grant Writer/Principal (2011)

$10,000 Created summer research opportunities for four students interested in pursuing careers in behavioral health.

Morehouse School of Medicine- HBCU Center for Excellence. An Internship Experience and Program Development Opportunity.

Grant Writer/Project Director (2013)

$7,500 Created summer research opportunities for four students interested in pursuing careers in behavioral health.

Established University of the District of Columbia Active Minds chapter dedicated to reducing mental health-related stigma. Established partnership with Men Can Stop Rape to create healthy conversation and images of masculinity. Formed Men of Strength Club on campus and opened it up to the community.

Morehouse School of Medicine- HBCU Center for Excellence. Leadership Training Institute

Grant Writer/Project Director (2013)

$10,000 Offered Mental Health Training through Lonnie E. Mitchell Academy in Charlotte, NC for 4 student peer educators.

Provided Health First Aid training for staff 3 staff interested in training certification.


A Healthy Mind – Host 2013- Present

DC Cable

Laurel Cable TV 8

Host of “A Healthy Mind,” TV program that discusses mental health issues by interviewing experts on various topics – Washington DC Cable TV Network http://www.udc.edu/cable_tv_19/guide.htm.

PBS To The Contrary – Guest Campus Sexual Assault and Sexual Assault in the Military. Aired July 24, 2015

News Channel 8 – Guest Interview – Who are UDC Students? Taped June 2015.

UDC Threat Assessment Team – THESECURITYCHANNEL.COM. Taped 2013.


The Newfield Network

Coaching for Personal and Professional Mastery, Business and Life Coach

American Marketing Association

Marketing Boot camp

Argosy University


University of Maryland-Joint Program of Survey Methodology,

The Basics of Program Evaluation

Conducting and Evaluating Focus Groups

The Evaluators Institute

Conducting Program Evaluations

American Marketing Association

Marketing Bootcamp

Strategic Research Institute

Negotiation Plus

Development Dimensions

Negotiating to Yes

Creating Career Vitality

Training of Trainers Accelerated Learning


Conference reviewer American Society of Engineering Education-2007,

Various research reports

Group Facilitation

Co-created mentoring program

Created annual career day for college students

Served as national mentor for National Leadership Fellows program

Received multiple awards for sustained excellence


American Council on Education

Washington DC Manager of the Year Nomination

Association of Higher Education and Disability

American Society on Aging leadership award

Alpha Kappa Alpha, Leadership Fellow

Patricia Roberts Harris, Leadership Fellow

American Society on Aging/AARP, Leadership Fellow

American Society on Aging/AARP, National Leadership Mentor

National Association of Female Executives

American Society of Engineering Education

AARP sustained excellence award


2013 – Present, Association of Higher Education and Disability

2014 – American Universities Center or Disability

2008 – Bond Mill Elementary, Volunteer Group Counselor for 5th and 6th under-achieving boys

2007- Present, Literacy Volunteers and Advocates, Vice President of the Board

2005-2012, DCVoice Ready Schools Project, Volunteer/Evaluator

2005 Anthony Bowen YMCA, Volunteer Coordinator

1998 American Society of Aging, National Mentor

References Available Upon Request